Farkle Set

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Feeling Lucky?

Farkle is your classic risky dice-chucker. Roll the dice, bank some points, then press your luck! Roll again to score more points, but, if they come up duds, you fizzle out and lose everything! Whether you're playing traditional Farkle, Yard Farkle, or Farkle Hot Streak, this set gives you everything you need in a travel-friendly storage box.

This classic Farkle set contains 6 dice, a dice cup, 25 scorecards, a storage box, and a rules insert. It's an exhilarating addition to dice and party game nights alike!

This set features the base game with 25 scorecards, a dice cup, 6 dice, and a rule sheet. It holds everything you need to start chucking dice and pressing your luck right out of the box. There are so many variations of Farkle to play and you can even make your own version on these scorecards!

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