Farkle Scorecards - 75 Sheets

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Need more Farkle?

We've got you covered. This recharge pack contains 75 Farkle scorecards for up to eight players. That'll keep you farkling for months! And if you run out again, we'll still be here, slingin' more scorecards. Farkle well and Farkle often, friends.

Each score card shows you how to score in Farkle and has plenty of space to write in scores. These cards are useful for up to eight players at a time. Once you have the scorecards, all you'll need is a dice cup and a trusty set of dice. There are so many variations of Farkle, make your own version with these scorecards. Whether you're playing traditional Farkle, Yard Farkle, or Farkle Hot Streak, these scorecards will last you for many Farkle nights to come!

Why You'll Love It:

These scorecards will keep you playing for months! It's easy to run out of scorecards in purchased sets as they usually don't give you many scorecards to use. This set boasts a bold 75 Farkle scorecards per set. They fit into convenient packaging, the booklets sit inside of a thin Farkle Scorecard box which fits perfectly inside Farkle board game boxes, into a backpack, or game bag.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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