Dice Games For 2 Players

Dice games have a timeless appeal that transcends generations, offering endless entertainment and a touch of luck. Whether you're gathered with friends, family, or even looking for a quick and easy game for two, dice games are a fantastic choice. They combine strategy, risk-taking, and excitement into a compact package that can be played almost anywhere.

In this list, we'll explore a variety of dice games that are perfect for two but can also accommodate more players. From classic games to modern innovations, there's something for everyone to enjoy and add a dose of fun to any gathering.

Each link will take you to our complete and clearly written rules for each game!

Against the Monstrous Horde
Battle monsters and goblins using polyhedral dice.

Roll dice and draw!

A dice game that works well for all ages and two or more players.

Liar's Dice
A game of bluffing and deception.

A simple dice game which in its basic form is playable with just a single die.

Poker Dice
Roll the best possible poker hand!

Shut the Box
Shut the Box is a traditional dice game that has remained popular for centuries. It only requires two dice and a simple board, but it provides a good amount of strategy.

A fast and easy dice game in which you roll big handfuls of dice and then take turns strategically stacking them up!

Stuck in the Mud
Also known as Drop Dead, Stuck in the Mud is a luck-driven, simple dice game that is playable with two or more.

The classic dice game that's easy to learn, quick to play, and accommodates practically any number of players.

A lively dice game for 2 or more players that uses lots of chips and an interesting scoring mechanism.