Volume Pricing Policy

The terms "volume pricing" or "bulk dice" are used to refer to larger quantities of dice, typically 1000 or more in a single order.

If we don't currently have sufficient quantities of a particular die in stock, you are welcome to contact us and request a backorder.

We do our best to keep enough dice in stock to meet the demand of our customers, but it's not possible to keep limitless quantities on hand at all times. Therefore, stock levels and available quantities may vary, and we do not display in-stock quantities on our web site for some of our bulk dice items. Please keep in mind that we may require additional shipments of dice to arrive from the manufacturer or factory before we can complete your order. We will notify you of any extended delays that may occur, but we recommend allowing a minimum of 7 to 10 days for order fulfillment. If you are wishing to order very large quantities of dice (for example, 10,000 or more), this may require waiting for more dice to be produced by the factory, in which case it may be 30 to 60 days or possibly longer before the dice are available. In any case, if you have a deadline we always recommend placing bulk orders as early as possible in order to account for these potential delays.

If you have any questions about stock levels or the availability of any dice, or if you have a delivery deadline you would like us to try and meet, please contact us.