The Master's Vault: Tabletop RPG Item Cards

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Leave the Books on the Shelf
Tired of flipping through thick rulebooks every time you make an attack roll? Forget what that health potion does? Leave the books on the shelf and equip yourself with this set of 150 item and equipment cards for fantasy tabletop RPGs. Hand them out with the loot from the goblin caves, lay them out in the shopkeeper's shelves, or keep them with your character sheet. The Master's Vault includes handy reference cards for weapons, armor, magic implements, potions, and more!

Lift the top and watch the vault box slowly open for dramatic effect you just won't get with your standard card storage box. Inside, you will find 150 fully-illustrated item cards with pearlized cardstock and 7 storage dividers. No more loss of momentum from searching through that massive rulebook! RPG gaming is all about the endless possibilities. Why limit yourself to a book of text? Upgrade your inventory with a lightweight, easy to navigate set of item cards. Perfect gift for the gamer in your life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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