Scrying Stones - DM Scenario Dice

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Won't Get Stumped Again

Running an RPG game can be hard. Undoubtedly your adventuring sessions will lead to unexpected places. Whether your party's rogue really wants to talk to that character in the corner of the tavern, or the barbarian insists on marauding through a dungeon right this instant, sometimes you need to generate a character or locale on the fly. With the Scrying Stones DM Scenario Dice from Stratagem, simply roll the dice and use the icons to create what you need! Combine a fantasy race, a job, and a personality quirk for instant, memorable characters. Combine dungeon theme, treasure, weather, or terrain dice to generate a setting within seconds! All 62 dice faces are helpfully labeled, but remember - it's your story! Is the goblin a tentative informant, a stalwart ally, or a devious trickster? Will the undead crypt contain an old, forgotten king, a mighty lich, or an insidious artifact? Use the included reference guide, or make your own meaning! The reference guide also includes DM advice and 5 character name tables for quick answers to those unexpected questions.

6 Races
12 Jobs
12 Character Quirks
6 Weather Types
6 Terrains
8 Dungeon Themes
12 Loot Types


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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