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Peeples Board Game Pawns - Pack of 100

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You've heard of the Meeples. Now say hello to the Peeples! They're meeples, but more people-like. Meeple 2.0, if you will. These Peeples are 50% taller than the average Meeple, but takes up the same amount of space. The Peeple's big ol' heads make them easier to pick up and move. The thick, wide bases keep them standing strong, while their spherical heads offer greater visibility when looking at the board from a top-down perspective. This pack of Peeples offers over 100 figures in 10 vibrant colors. You'll have plenty of pieces to replace any missing components in your games, or use them to playtest games you make on your own!

These little guys aren't just for games! Keep them in the classroom to brush up on math skills or use 'em for scrapbooking and other fun crafts. To seal the deal, they come packaged in resealable and reusable bags for stress-free storage.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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