Opaque Polyhedral DnD Dice Set - Black with Silver Enamel

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Dice Size:
16mm (2/3 inch)
Dice Shape:
7 Piece Set
Dice Color:
Dice Style:
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Product Overview

These DnD dice are as stealthy as they come, with a black on black design that is sure to appeal to the rogues and assassins in your party. But don't let their sleek appearance fool you, because when these dice hit the table, they demand attention. Each face is filled with sparkly silver enamel paint, highlighting the black numbers and catching the light just so. These DnD dice are not only a pleasure to use, but they're also incredibly easy to read, ensuring that you never miss a roll in the heat of battle. So if you're ready to add a touch of intrigue to your next adventure, look no further than this seriously cool black opaque dice set.

Each set contains a d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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