Cthulhu Dice Tray With Dice Staging Area and Lid

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  • Cthulhu dice tray with lid and dice staging area
  • Cthulhu dice tray with lid and dice staging area
  • Cthulhu dice tray with lid and dice staging area
  • Cthulhu dice tray with lid and dice staging area
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Unleash Unspeakable Power on Your Gaming Table!

Immerse yourself in the arcane realm of tabletop gaming with the Cthulhu Dice Rolling Tray. Meticulously designed and infused with eldritch energy, this tray is a gateway to a world of mystery and excitement.

Measuring 8" wide, this dice tray provides ample space for your dice to manifest their otherworldly powers while maintaining a compact and portable form. With a dedicated dice staging area, your dice are neatly contained, ready to unleash their chaos without obstructing the rolling surface.

Wrapped in high-quality leatherette, both the tray and lid exude an aura of dark elegance and durability. Behold the captivating green Cthulhu design on the lid, an homage to the ancient and enigmatic deity of the deep. Let its presence awaken your imagination and fuel your gaming adventures.

The dice staging area and rolling surface are swathed in velvety softness, invoking a sense of luxury and foreboding. As your dice find their place in the staging area, they remain organized and within reach, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. The padded velvet rolling surface not only protects your dice from harm but also muffles the tumbling sound, creating an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation.

With its tightly closing lid, this tray offers effortless clean-up and convenient transport. Securely sealing to the top of the tray, the lid safeguards your dice, pens, miniatures, and other small gaming accessories. Prepare to embark on journeys to distant realms, knowing your gaming essentials are protected and easily carried with you.

The internal measurements of the tray are meticulously crafted for optimal functionality. The dice staging area spans 7/8" wide, providing a dedicated space for your dice to gather their sinister energy. The rolling surface extends 5 3/4" wide, granting ample room for your dice to unleash their unfathomable power. With an internal edge-to-edge dimension of 8" wide, the tray strikes the perfect balance between portability and space for all your gaming needs.

Unleash the eldritch forces of the Cthulhu Dice Rolling Tray. Combining functionality, dark allure, and the power of the ancient ones, this tray is an essential tool for any devoted gamer. Let the whispers of the deep guide your rolls and unlock the secrets hidden within. Order your Cthulhu Dice Rolling Tray today and prepare to witness the unfolding of untold horrors!

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