Bunco: A Very Social Game

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Got twelve friends and an evening to spare? Get Bunco! It's a party in a box. Just chit-chat, lots of laughs, and maybe a couple drinks. Team up, ring the bell, roll the dice, trade partners, then start all over again! This Stylish traveling tin includes everything you need to get started: nine colorful dice, twelve mini pencils, scorecards and tally sheets, and a squeezeable jewel that bops around the room with every new Bunco!

Why You'll Love It

Don't have twelve people at your party? Doesn't matter because you can still play with four or 8 people! If you have any other number that can't be divided into fours, try out our Ghost Player rules so you can still play even if the teams aren't exactly even. The rules of Bunco don't take long to figure out either, they take only about five minutes of explanation then you're all off to the races in this fast, fun dice game.

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