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Adventure Box - Plain design

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Product Overview

The Adventure Box is a 3-part design. The outside is wrapped in high quality Leather Lite material. The removable insert inside the Adventure Box is durable, sturdy, and wrapped in synthetic velvet to protect your 3 favorite dice sets, along with 2 additional storage areas for miniatures. 

The Adventure Box is not only a great storage solution, it also doubles as a small dice tray.  We designed both the lid and the base of the Adventure Box to include deep walls, so either the lid or the base can be used to roll your dice in.

At the end of your session, clean-up is easy!  Just put your items back in the storage tray, insert it back into the base, then put the lid back on the Adventure Box.  The strong magnets on the lid will keep your items safe and secure while in transport.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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