Mafia Dice Game Rules

Mafia is a great little dice game in which you win by being the first player to lose all your dice.

You can play with between 2 and 8 players, but 3 to 5 is best. You'll need five 6-sided dice and a stack of poker chips for each player, and paper and pencil for scoring. One or more dice cups are nice to have but not required.

So how do you play Mafia?

The game is typically played in a series of several rounds or for a specified time period. Before the game begins, players should decide how many rounds they will play.

Each player starts the game with a number of points. These points can be noted on a score pad or represented with poker chips. If playing for stakes, a player's points should equal the amount of money paid into the pot. Otherwise each player can start with the same number of points, such as 50 or 100.

To begin the first game, each player rolls two dice. Ties are rerolled. The player with the highest roll starts first.

Play proceeds clockwise or counter-clockwise. The first player decides the order of play before beginning the game.

Each player in turn rolls all the dice in their possession. Every 6 that is rolled is passed to the next player (in play order). Every 1 that is rolled is removed from the game.

The game continues until one player has no dice left. Each of the other players then rolls all of their own remaining dice and adds up the value. They must pay the winner this number of points or chips.

If a player runs out of points or chips, they are out of the game.

When a round has ended, all the dice are brought back into play and 5 dice are given to each remaining player. The winner of the previous round then begins the new round.

How do you win?

The winner of each game is the player who runs out of dice first.

The winner of a series of games is the player with the most points or chips.

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