Bullseye Dice - White - Pack of 50

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Right on the Mark

Get ready to grip 'em, shake 'em, and roll 'em with Bullseye Dice! This pack of Bullseye Dice features a whopping 50 six sided dice in one package. You'll have plenty pairs and spares of dice for your next game, or use these for your casino-themed event! These dice make a great party favor with their unique look. Each die features an entrancing and cool bullseye target design that looks eye-catching to any seasoned dice gaming veteran. Use them for Craps, Liar's Dice, Farkle, Bunco, Balut, Ten Thousand, Yahtzy, Klondike, Cee-lo, or as a replacement for lost dice for your favorite tabletop game.

Each die measures in at a compact 16mm, the same size you'll find in your favorite board game boxes at home! Made from high quality plastic with textured, pressed pips.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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