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Dudo: A Game of Dice and Doubt

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Gather your friends and family for a exciting game of Dudo: A Game of Dice & Doubt! In Dudo, take your wildest guess at how many dice are under the numbered cups. Make your bids, just be as confident as you can be, as your opponents may call your bluff and shout "Dudo" at you, meaning "I doubt." Don't let your opponents bamboozle you, as the last player with dice remaining wins. Sound familiar? It's in the same family of dice games as Liar's Dice!

Dudo has a long and storied history over hundreds of years with dozens of rule variations. We've chose our favorite ruleset, but feel free to use you own house rules, or the Calza, Gran Calza, and Clemencia rules variations from the rulebook. You might even recognize the game as Cacho, Pico, Perudo, Cachito, Dadinho, and of course Liar's Dice. Dudo is a popular game throughout South America, and played widely in Chile. The board features Chilean-flavored color palette and artfully designed layout adorned with the famous Moai Statues from Easter Island.

Our set features a neoprene Dudo mat with special layout, 6 striking white with wild symbol "!" leatherette dice cups, and 6 sets of 5 dice with wild symbols in place of the "1" pip. You won't find a more unique edition of Dudo! Thanks to our handy playing mat, keeping track of the bid and dice penalties is a snap. There's even a spot for the special "Palafico" rule. This edition makes for a one-of-a-kind gift set for dice and board game fans alike, great for special birthdays, Christmas, and more. A classic staple to add to family game night.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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