Roller Coaster Dice Game Rules

Roller Coaster is an exciting game where you get to roll a die as fast as possible!

Object of the Game

The object of the dice game of Roller Coaster is to quickly roll a die to achieve a target number, and try not to be the player left holding both dice at once.


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Number of Players

4 or more (6 to 8 is best)

How to Play Roller Coaster

The game is played over multiple rounds. At the beginning of each game, give one die to a player and then give the second die to the player directly across from them at the table (or as close to directly across as possible).

The round then begins. Each of the two players holding the dice should begin rolling them as fast as possible. If a player is able to roll a 1 on their die, they may immediately pass it to the player on their left. Play continues in this manner, with the dice traveling around the table, until one die catches up with the other. The player who ends up with both dice at the same time is out of the game.

After a player is eliminated, a new round begins. Start each new round by giving a die to the player to the left of the player who was eliminated and then give the second die to the player across the table from that player.

Toward the end of the game, it matters more who starts a round with a die. So when there are only three players left, the player who doesn’t start the round with a die should be the one who eliminated the fourth player by passing them the second die.

Winning Roller Coaster

The winner is the last player remaining in the game.

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