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In addition to the professionally-printed boxed games we told you abou in a previous article, there are plenty of free PnP (print-and-play) games available. Most of these have been specifically designed as one-player games, so just print them out, grab a few dice, and get rolling!

Solitaire Dice

Solitaire Dice is a great little solo dice game designed by Sid Sackson. The rules are moderately complex, but take the time to learn them and you'll be rewarded with an entertaining and challenging game experience. 

Get the rules here.

Aether Captains

Take command of a powerful zeppelin and hunt down pirates in this single-player, steampunk-themed dice game. All you need is 13 regular 6-sided dice and a single d12. Six of the d6's represent your ship, six are used as pirates that attack your ship, and the final d6 is represents the crew of your zeppelin. The d12 is used for attack and defense rolls.

Download the Aether Captains file that includes the base rules and four expansions, or you can get more information about Aether Captains on BoardGameGeek.

Horde of the Dead

In this tower-defense game, you play as the heroes defending an inn against hordes of zombies. You'll need 1 or more 6-sided dice, some counters, and pencil and paper.

Download Horde of the Dead

Escape of the Dead

Play as the survivor of a zombie apocalypse, trying to fix your car while setting up barricades, earning power-ups, and shooting zombies. To play, you'll need four 6-sided dice, pencil and paper, and a few counters.

Download Escape of the Dead

The d6 Shooters

In this Old West-themed game, you play as the leader of a posse: The famous d6 Shooters. Using a Yahtzee-style dice system, you'll work to complete missions and earn rewards.

To play, you'll need a printed playsheet, a pen or pencil, and eight 6-sided dice: one black, two red and five white (although you can substitute colors if desired).

Two episodes are currently available: Long Road to Reno and Ghost Town Showdown.

More information about The d6 Shooters can be found on BoardGameGeek.

Utopia Engine

In Utopia Engine, you play as an artificer by the name of Isodoros who is working to reconstruct the Utopia Engine, an ancient device that is humanity's last hope to prevent an upcoming catastrophe. Your goal is to complete construction of the machine before the world ends.

Required components include a play sheet, two 6-sided dice, and a pencil and paper.

Download Utopia Engine

Dice of the Living Dead

Another zombie-themed solitaire dice game, except in this one you play as a band of survivors attempting to make their way out of town to escape the zombie hordes.

All you need to play is a printed game sheet, a pencil, and at least eight 6-sided dice.

You can download the Dice of the Living Dead rules and game sheet from BoardGameGeek.

Sink the Bismarck

In Sink the Bismarck, you control anti-aircraft batteries on the German battleship Bismarck and you work to keep the attacking British Swordfish torpedo planes at bay.

This game requires very minimal components: Just four 6-sided dice and a pencil!

Download Sink the Bismarck

Dice of Arkham

Stop the evil cultists from summoning an ancient evil creature and taking over the world! In this game, a Yahtzee-style dice system is used to combat cultists and monsters and search for the seals that will stop the ritual and bind the creature. If you don't succeed in time, you'll go insane.

Components you'll need include a printed game sheet, eight 6-sided dice, and eight counters or tokens.

You can download the Dice of Arkham rules and game sheet from BoardGameGeek.

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