Bullseye Game Night - 25 Dice and 5 Dice Cups - Black/Red

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Introducing the Bullseye Game Night, a whole night of dice gaming fun packed right into one box! This bundle packs 25 Bullseye dice in with 5 genuine bicast leather dice cups. Use them for Craps, Liar's Dice, Farkle, Bunco, Balut, Ten Thousand, Yahtzy, Klondike, Cee-lo, or as a replacement for lost dice for your favorite tabletop game. These dice make a great party favor too. With their unique bullseye pips, they really stand out! Each die features an entrancing and cool bullseye target design that looks eye-catching to any seasoned dice gaming veteran. They're great for casual players looking to add some class to their favorite dice games too. Shake 'em up and hit those high scoring rolls right on target!

Each die measures in at a compact 16mm, the same size you'll find in your favorite board game boxes at home! They're also made from high quality plastic with textured, pressed pips. Cups are genuine bicast leather and feature striking red felt.

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