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Professional Dice Cups 5-Pack

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Game night will never be the same with this bundle of 5 Professional Dice Cups!

Maybe you're playing a classic dice game like Bunco, Hazard, Zilch, or Liar's Dice, or maybe you're just upgrading the components for your favorite dice-based board game. Either way, odds are good that these premium dice cups will take game night to the next level. With a sleek, lightly textured bicast leather exterior and a striking red velvet interior, you'll be rolling the dice in style whether you're playing Craps, Balut, or Catan. Each luxurious dice cup measures 3.75" tall with a 3.25" diameter, and comfortably fits a large handful of standard 16mm dice.

This bundle of five dice cups is value-priced, so you can enjoy the professional look and feel of leather and red velvet for a fraction of the cost. You can outfit up to 5 players at once, which is great for gaming groups, classrooms, rec centers, or big families who may not like to share. The soft, padded interior dampens the clatter of rolling dice, and the PU leather exterior is made to last. The bundle also comes with 25 standard 16mm six-sided dice, which is more than plenty to get playing right out of the box! Each dice cup arrives individually packaged in a gift-ready box.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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