The King's Coffers Fantasy Coins

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  • King's Coffers - Fantasy Coin Set
  • Fantasy Coins - King's Coffers
  • Fantasy Coins - King's Coffers
  • Fantasy Coins - King's Coffers
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“The dragon is slain, and will trouble the kingdom no more. The king, in his gratitude, offers you a chest laden with coins of precious metals. The party’s fighter lifts the lid…” … and the Game Master thumps a handful of heavy coins on the table.

In the old days when you’d find treasure in a dangerous dungeon, you might have scribbled “100 GP” on your character sheet. Pretty underwhelming after narrowly escaping a horde of vicious goblins. Now, you can reach into a real pouch and pull out beautiful, intricate coins straight from a fantasy treasure trove.

A Treasure Trove for GMs & Players Alike!

The King’s Coffers includes coin in five denominations: x15 Copper (cp), x15 Silver (sp), x15 Electrum (ep), x10 Gold (gp), and x5 Platinum (pp). Boasting 60 pieces of solid metal packed in an ornately designed pouch, the King’s Coffers offer a satisfying chunk of realism to your tabletop games. Each coin is emblazoned with immersive art and textures. The five denominations of coin coincide with the economy of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG. Copper, silver, electrum, gold, and platinum! All here and in the iconic shapes ripped straight from the pages of your trusty TTRPG manuals.

We’ve included a helpful exchange rate chart for players and GMs. In roleplaying games, money and wealth are important factors, this chart will guide players in dealing with NPCs and GMs in giving accurate pricing to weapons, armor, potions, and items (or malicious markups from suspicious merchants).

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