Scarab Polyhedral DnD Dice Set - Jade

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  • Scarab D&D dice set - Jade
  • RPG Scarab dice set - Jade
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Like dripping jewels, the deep and shimmering tones of these polyhedral dice hold the same grace and regality as ancient Egyptian jewelry. The marbled green, contrasted beautifully with the gold of the numbers, really make this set shine. You’ll feel like ancient royalty with each toss of the dice.

This set contains the following dice, each approximately 16mm in size:

  • 1 four-sided dice (d4)
  • 1 six-sided dice (d6)
  • 1 eight-sided dice (d8)
  • 1 ten-sided dice (d10)
  • 1 percentile dice (d%)
  • 1 twelve-sided dice (d12)
  • 1 twenty-sided dice (d20)
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Additional Information

Dice Size:
16mm (2/3 inch)
Dice Shape:
7 Piece Set
Dice Color:
Dice Style:
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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Scarab Polyhedral Dice Set - Jade

    Posted by Unknown on May 18th 2020

    I love them. They were my favorite of the bunch. (Just remember, the 6-sided die is numbered as well, to match the others).

  • 5

    Jade dice set

    Posted by Julia Rongo on Mar 26th 2020

    Great! I love them!

  • 4

    Scarab Dice - Jade

    Posted by Gerald Schmidt on Feb 23rd 2019

    These are overall good dice, but the appearance wasn't exactly what I expected. They're a bit darker in person than in the provided picture, but still gorgeous. I happened to get a Tens d10 with an unusual bubble-like appearance on a couple faces. This initially had me concerned, but it's solid throughout and still rolls fairly. The finish is still smooth and glossy as well. Good enough quality, just not quite what I expected.

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