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A Royal Good Time

Combining classic elements of casino Keno, five card poker, and family Bingo, Poker Keno is an easy to learn game with many ways to play! Turn over cards and place chips when it matches your player board! When you get five in a row, call "Out!" You win the chips on everyone else's board. This game is great for family game night. A dozen boards and plenty of chips means you can play this with a bigger group as well! Gather the whole gang for a night of friendly competition. Finished the round? Shuffle up, switch cards with someone else, and play all over again!

Want to spice up your game? Try one of the two variant games using poker rules. When each player can form a five card hand from a column or row on their card, compare hands - best poker hand wins!

Brybelly Poker Keno includes:

12 Poker Keno Boards
200 Chips
1 Deck of Playing Cards

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