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Piecekeeper Board Game Storage Bowls - 6-pack

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Product Overview

Fly Your Colors

These Piecekeeper board game storage bowls are ready to bring order to the messy world of tabletop gaming. Whether keeping your chits, bits, tokens, or dice in place, you'll have no problem scooping them into your hands. This set comes complete with six classic gaming colors, so blue player and red player can stay out of each other's way – at least, outside the game! Between games, these dishes fold into flat, 6" x 6" squares of silicone. Keep them flat in the game box for easy transportation and portability!

Why You'll Love It

Keep your pieces to yourself. No more mixing up your tokens or scooping them off the edge of the table. Piecekeepers is here to sort your components so you can focus on your next tactical masterstroke instead of worrying about tidying. Stash them with your favorite games as a tactile, attractive update, or keep them on hand in the game room for no-fuss organization!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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