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Opaque Round-Corner Dice - Set of 1000 Red 12mm d6s

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Dice Size:
12mm (1/2 inch)
Dice Shape:
Dice Color:
Dice Style:
Solid-Color Opaque
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Product Overview

Discover exceptional value with our bulk set of 1,000 red opaque dice, each crafted with the same high-quality standards as our individually sold pieces. These 12mm dice feature classic round corners and are finished in a bold, red opaque color, complemented by crisp white spots for easy visibility and a timeless look.

Perfectly sized for a variety of games, these dice are ideal for educators, event coordinators, or anyone needing a large quantity without compromising on quality. Whether you're hosting a game night, running educational math games, or stocking up for crafting projects, this affordably priced bulk set ensures you have plenty to go around.

The smooth, rounded corners not only enhance the rolling action but also contribute to the durability of the dice, making them a reliable choice for frequent use.

Expertly manufactured by Chessex, these dice meet all material safety requirements.

Available quantities vary. Please see our Volume Pricing Policy for more information.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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