Glitter Dice - Ruby - Set of 12 d6

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Step up your game with our stunning set of 12 Chessex dice, infused with a captivating ruby glitter. Each 16mm die is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality, designed to make every roll a sparkling event.

Encased in each die is a flurry of ruby-colored glitter, bringing a burst of scintillating magic to your tabletop. The gold spots stand out against the glittering backdrop, providing excellent visibility and a luxurious touch to each face of the die.

Crafted by Chessex, these dice are synonymous with quality and endurance, built to last through countless gaming sessions. Whether you're rolling for fate in an epic RPG or teaching probability, these dice combine the thrill of chance with the beauty of a jeweler's craft.

This set of ruby glitter dice is more than just gaming equipment—it's a centerpiece. Ideal for the discerning gamer or collector who values elegance and quality, these dice are sure to enchant anyone looking to enhance their gaming experience. Gift them, collect them, or simply enjoy the upscale flair they bring to every game night.

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Dice Size:
16mm (2/3 inch)
Dice Shape:
Dice Color:
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