DnD Dice Sets - Wizard Dice

DnD Dice Sets - Wizard Dice

A selection of DnD dice sets suitable for the wizard character class.

Wizards: Master manipulators of the mystic energies that swirl in unseen tides throughout the world and the worlds beyond. Seekers of ancient and secret lore that will provide the keys to unlocking ultimate knowledge and power. Scholars of obscure arcana, and creators of incredible magical items.

When buying dice to represent a wizard character, consider purple or dark blue dice, or multicolored or swirled dice. Glittering, translucent or speckled dice. Dice that are like physical fragments of arcane energy...

But every player and every Dungeons and Dragons character is different, so feel free to also take a look at our full range of DnD dice to see if other sets might work best for you!