Blackbird Playing Card Game

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Bird is the Word

One of the all-time great family card games, Blackbird cards are compatible with favorites such as Hearts (Classic and 57), Rummy (Classic and 56), and of course the original game of crows and cunning: Rook. Inside you'll find two decks of custom playing cards, each decorated with a stunning crow in an update on the style of classic Rook decks. We've also included 25 scoresheets, as well as instructions for play. Whether you're a curious amateur or a master trick-taker, this bundle includes everything you need to sustain that family game night or card game club for tons of fun!

Birds of a Feather

Each of the four suits has been designed with a color index of blue, green, yellow, and black in line with vintage decks. Now you'll never miss a chance to follow suit and take that critical trick.

Whether you're a fresh little hatchling or a trick-taking expert, Blackbird comes with everything you need for a fresh start or a sophisticated update to your favorite retro card games. At 63.5mm X 88.9mm, your two decks of cards come in the standard Poker size. Combined with a pack of 25 convenient scorecards, a handy rules insert, and a pair of striking tuck boxes, your birdwatching club is finally ready for its debut.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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