Speckled Polyhedral Dice Set - Granite

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Dice Size:
16mm (2/3 inch)
Dice Shape:
7 Piece Set
Dice Color:
Dice Style:
each CAD $6.59


No, these dice aren't actually made out of granite, but they sure do look like they are! And actually they're even better than granite since you can toss them around and roll them all you want and they won't chip or break.

This set contains the following dice, each a standard 16mm in size:

  • 1 four-sided die (d4)
  • 1 six-sided die (d6)
  • 1 eight-sided die (d8)
  • 1 ten-sided die (d10)
  • 1 percentile die (d%)
  • 1 twelve-sided die (d12)
  • 1 twenty-sided die (d20)
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