Halfling's Haversack: 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice in 20 Complete Sets

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  • Halflings Haversack dice sets
  • Halfling's Haversack: 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice in 20 Complete Sets
  • Halfling's Haversack: 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice in 20 Complete Sets
  • Halfling's Haversack: 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice in 20 Complete Sets
  • Halfling's Haversack: 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice in 20 Complete Sets


Mighty Minis

Say hello to the Halfling's Haversack! Inside the tiny green bag you'll find 140 mini polyhedral dice in twenty brilliant colors. These puppies measure a miniscule 10mm tall, which is about 2/5ths of an inch, but pack in all the color, the glitter, the swirls and pearls of our standard-size Wiz Dice. Both the dice and the bag are about 60% the size of their normal counterparts, but do their jobs just as well! The Halfling's Haversack contains 20 sets of 7 polyhedral dice in your standard breakout: d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20. We've included a few translucent dice styles, a few pearlescent dice styles, and plenty of glitter dice.

Why You'll Love Them:

Mostly because they're small and adorable, but also because mini polyhedrals are eminently portable. You want to know what those fake non-pockets in girl jeans were specifically designed for? For a set of 7 mini polyhedrals. Nothing else fits! But these little guys are great even for full-size pockets, or for slipping an extra set into a plastic dice block. The drawstring Haversack itself is similar quality to our Bag of Holding, Bag of Devouring, and Bag of Tricks, just shrunken a bit, like it was tossed in the dryer by mistake. Hm...

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2 Reviews

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    Quite pleased.

    Posted by LD on Aug 24th 2018

    Was so very happy with these dice as soon as they arrived. They were presented in a pleasing assortment of sets, and the stitching of the Haversack pouch was very well done.

  • 4
    Satisfied with it enough to want more

    Posted by Michael S Sherman II on Aug 13th 2018

    The only reason I'm not giving five stars is because of some minor defects and other issues.

    My product was a lucky one and had one packaging error with a confused D12 that became a D20 (got another D20 in one set instead of a D12). Easy fix when emailing the site

    As other reviews mention, there is two sets of dice that are nearly indistinguishable from each other. You need to look really closely for it, and even then it can be tough

    There's a thin layer of some kind of film to some dice sets

    However, I'm willing to give some benefit of the doubt. This was obviously a little experimental with maybe this being the first time finding out some mixes of plastic have these effects. Some the film and the two red sets only being as they are at the size (though such a thing probably should've been avoided as is anyways)

    Otherwise, it's one of the only products of its kind on the market of decent quality and variety. Most other manufacturers only do solid colors in the case of Chessex or a small assortment in the case of Metallic Dice Games and the small handful of other places that will make 10mm. It's affordable at just a little above $20 for a sizable amount of different sets to really give you a variety to choose from. Even makes for a nice sampler for some of Wiz's other offerings. Dunno how well they roll, but at the size they're at it's probably fine for the most part. At least for the supplemental die I'm personally looking to use these for, when you gotta roll several D6 or 8 for damage, etc. While I eagerly await a proper competitor; this is probably some of the best offerings for 10mm polyhedrals out there if you want a little something not bland. Might run you up if you want several matching sets, but you'll be prepared with enough dice to DM several games at once if you wanted to

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