DnD Dice Sets/RPG Dice

DnD Dice Sets/RPG Dice

DnD dice sets - Find the perfect dice set for your next adventure

Hey there, adventurers and dice collectors! If you're on a quest to find the most epic DnD dice set for your next campaign, you've just stumbled into a treasure trove. Here in our kingdom of dice, we specialize in all things DnD dice related, whether you play Dungeons & Dragons itself or one of the many other role-playing games out there. Our shelves are brimming with dice sets that are perfect for every class, campaign, and character you can dream up. From the deepest dungeons to the highest peaks of magic-infused lands, the right DnD dice set from our collection is your faithful companion, ready to roll the fate of your daring adventures.

Regardless of the class you play -- a gallant knight, a wise wizard, or a cunning rogue -- we know how crucial your DnD dice are to your storytelling. That's why each DnD dice set in our arsenal is chosen for its quality, durability, and, of course, its ability to bring a little extra luck when facing down a formidable foe. Our dice sets are not just tools of the trade; they're artifacts of power, ready to make your gaming sessions legendary.

And because we believe every adventurer deserves their perfect companion, our selection of DnD dice sets caters to every taste. Looking for something with a bit of eldritch flair? Or perhaps a set that sparkles like the treasure in a dragon's hoard? Whatever your heart desires, we've got dice sets that not only meet your gaming needs but also echo your personal style and the unique spirit of your character.

So, take a moment, browse our collection, and find the DnD dice set that resonates with your adventurer's soul. Here, your next great adventure awaits, and it all starts with the roll of the dice. Let's make every game unforgettable. Roll on, heroes!

DnD Dice Sets

We have a lot of individual polyhedral dice for sale, but if you're a serious roleplayer you know you have to have at least one 7-piece set of Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) dice. (We call them DnD dice sets, but obviously they can also be used for other role-playing games such as Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, and many more.)

DnD dice sets (also known as polyhedral dice sets or RPG dice) always include the following types of dice:

  • 4-sided dice (d4) - Generally a pointy tetrahedron shape, the d4 is notorious for being difficult to pick up and for not rolling particularly well. It's best to shake them in your palm before rolling them, or give them a good high toss in the air on their way to the table.
  • 6-sided dice (d6) - With 7-piece DnD dice sets, the d6s are always numeral dice, showing the numbers 1 through 6 instead of having spots. This makes them match more effectively with the other numbered dice.
  • 8-sided dice (d8) - A die with eight sides. Enough said!
  • 10-sided dice (d10) - A die numbered 0 through 9. The 0 is typically counted as a 10, not a zero.
  • 10-sided percentile dice (d%) - Also sometimes called a d100, or the "tens" die, the percentile die is used in combination with the d10 to roll numbers between 1 and 100.
  • 12-sided dice (d12) - A die with 12 sides and 12 numbers to match.
  • 20-sided dice (d20) - Of all the dice in a DnD dice set, the d20 is the most used and is also the most iconic.

We could maybe get away with carrying only a few styles or colors of DnD dice sets, but what's the fun in that? If you're going to be rolling for your epic character, you really should do it with some style. And we've got a huge array of colors and styles of dice to choose from. Everybody has different tastes and preferences, so no matter what your favorite color or which type of character you're playing we've got you covered with some dice sets that you'll be more than happy to add to your collection.

Choosing a DnD Dice Set

Dice are a necessary tool for nearly all roleplaying games. But they're not just a tool. Along with the players, they rest at the heart of the game. They are the final arbiter. The hand of fate. Like the three Moirai, guiding the story and the destiny of the characters.

As such, most roleplayers take their choice of dice seriously.

Choosing the right Dungeons and Dragons dice is a matter of taste, of course. Finding the right color, transparency, weight, size, or finish can be vitally important. The DnD dice set can be a physical reflection of the character being played, or symbolic of the setting, or they can make a personal statement about the player themselves.

DnD Dice Sets – So Many Options, How Do You Choose?

Do you want your dice set to have a classic look, or something more unique? Do you want a specific color scheme or theme? Do you want your dice to match your character's personality? The options are practically endless, so let's talk a bit more about the process of choosing a DnD dice set that's right for you.

Classic Look or Unique Look
If you're a purist and want your dice to look like they came straight out of the original DnD box set, then you'll want to go for a classic look. This usually means solid, opaque colors with either black or white numbers, but translucent dice also provide a classic appearance.

If you're wanting something a little more eye-catching, there are plenty of options out there. Some sets have intricate designs etched into the dice, while others have unique color combinations. If you want to stand out at the gaming table, a unique set of dice is the way to go.

Color Scheme or Theme
If you're a stickler for color coordination, you might want to choose a dice set that matches your character's color scheme. For example, if you're playing a dragonborn with red scales, you might want a set of dice that includes red dice with gold numbers. Or if you're playing a cleric of the sea god, you might go for a set of blue and green dice to match your deity's domain. There are also themed sets that cater to specific races or classes, like elven dice or rogue dice.

If you're using a miniature to represent your character, you might even consider getting a dice set that matches the color scheme of your miniature.

Personality Matching
If you're really into roleplaying, you might want a set of dice that matches your character's personality. Is your character a little chaotic? If so, you want a set of dice with a random assortment of colors. Or perhaps your character is a fearless and forceful fighter, so you might consider a DnD dice set that conveys those concepts. What kind of dice convey fearless and forceful? Perhaps dice with a black, white, and gold color scheme, or fiery orange speckled dice with black numbers, but ultimately it's up to you!

Whatever your character's personality, there's a DnD dice set out there that will match it.

Quality Matters
Once you've decided on the look of your DnD dice set, it's important to consider the quality. You don't want to spend your hard-earned gold on a set of dice that will chip or wear down after a few games. Look for dice made from high-quality materials. (All of our dice sets are, which makes the selection process easier.)

Price Matters Too
Of course, you also need to consider your budget. You can find sets of DnD dice for as little as a few gold pieces, but the quality might not be great. On the other hand, you can find sets of dice that cost a small fortune, but they might not be worth the investment if you're not a serious gamer or if you like using multiple sets of dice. Look for a set of dice that fits your budget and your needs.

Buying More Than One Set
If you play a lot of DnD, you might want to consider buying more than one set of dice. This way, you can have multiple sets for different characters or for different games. Plus, having multiple sets means you'll always have a backup in case you lose or damage a die. And let's be honest, we've all had that one die that just refuses to roll anything higher than a 5.

Even if you don't get multiple sets, you might consider buying some extra dice such as more d6s or a second d10 for rolling damage.

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