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Blind Tiger Prohibition Playing Cards

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Booze, Bootleggers, & Blind Tigers

If you didn't think it was possible for a deck of playing cards to capture the zeitgeist of an era so eloquently, here is all the proof you'll ever need. Here is our homage to the innovative and rebellious spirit that flourished during the roarin' 20s. From the ornate, gilded art deco-inspired card backs, to the face cards and jokers themselves giving a nod and wink to all of the bootleggers who took one for the team. Makes the perfect addition to any card collection, or gift for ardent history enthusiasts.

Why You'll Love It:

The 1920s marked the origin of prohibition and organized crime, giving rise to infamous gangsters like Al Capone. This deck of playing cards makes a perfect gift for history buffs, card collectors, or anybody who loves a good game of poker or blackjack down at the local saloon. Each card is printed on durable plastic-coated cardstock for longevity and superior play and features visually striking artwork you won't find anywhere else!

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