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Bag of Tricks: 140 Polyhedral DnD Dice in 20 Complete Sets

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16mm (2/3 inch)
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  • Bag of Tricks - 20 polyhedral DnD dice sets
  • Bag of Tricks dice - DnD dice sets
  • Bag of Tricks dice sets
  • Dice sets - Bag of Tricks
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Never Borrow Dice Again!

Adding to the legacy of the Wiz Dice Bag of Holding and Bag of Devouring comes the Bag of Tricks. Inspired by the classic Crown Royal bag with a wide bottom panel and capacity of over 200 polyhedrals, the Bag of Tricks is an earthy and enchanting bag that features fantastic creatures emblazoned on a coat of arms. And the Bag of Tricks guarantees that you receive 20 full sets of 7 polyhedral dice!

A set of seven Wiz Dice contains one of each of the following polyhedrals: d4, d6, d8, d10, d10(00), d12, and d20.

The Bag of Tricks includes all the following dice sets:
-Dragon Berry
-Crimson Queen
-Sticky Ichor
-Cherry Blossom
-Sea Glass
-Midnight Nebula
-Enchanted Clay
-Ghost Jade
-Blood Lust
-Forge Embers
-Desert Topaz
-Dreamless Night
-Sparkle Vomit
-Blighted Grove
-Celestial Sea
-Goblin Teeth
-Quick Silver

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8 Reviews

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    Bag of Tricks

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 12th 2019

    This product arrived on time and had no defects. Definitely getting your money’s worth! Would definently recommend.

  • 4
    Great Dice

    Posted by Unknown on May 27th 2018

    Made getting dice for the whole DnD party affordable. D4s are way smaller than any I've ever seen before. It's not a problem or anything, just weird.

  • 3
    Wiz Dice

    Posted by Shane on Mar 16th 2018

    I've purchased a number of these "multi set" packs from Wiz Dice and I must admit, I'm not overly impressed by the quality of the product. It's a decent price for a lot of dice sets, however the quality compared to other manufactures is lacking. There are a number of defects in each of these bulk sets which is to be expected, but the pip paint is also something that could use improvement. Either way the price is pretty fair given how many sets you get, but you get what you pay for with these.

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