Yamslam Dice Game

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  • Yamslam Dice Game
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Let the good times roll with Yamslam, a fun and addicting dice game. During the game, players obtain points, represented by chips, based on their rolls.

For example, a large straight gets 50 points. Four of a kind gets 40 points, a full house gets 30 points, a flush gets 25 points, a small straight gets 20 points, three of a kind gets 10 points and two pair gets 5 points.

To keep the game interesting, there are only four chips for each point total. And if a player obtains one type of each chip, they get 50 bonus points. With strategic choices and a little luck, you could win!

Each Yamslam comes with one dice tray, five dice, 28 chips and instructions. It is best suited for one to four players ages 8 and up. Each game lasts about 15 minutes.

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