The Master's Atlas: Adventures

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  • The Master's Atlas - Adventures
  • The Master's Atlas - Adventures
  • Master's Atlas Adventures
  • The Master's Atlas: Adventures - Great for D&D, Pathfinder, and other rpgs!
  • The Master's Atlas: Adventures
  • The Master's Atlas: Adventures
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Here Comes Trouble

Starting a new RPG campaign can be tricky. Creating an interesting hub village, populating it with vivid characters, not to mention quest hooks and plot threads! And what happens after? Take out the guesswork with Master's Atlas: Adventures. A complete set of fully illustrated, double-faced boards include vivid maps and battle-grids of six locales.

Begin your campaign in a quaint seaside village complete with dark alleys and even darker secrets. Drop by the local tavern to stock up on hot gossip and meet with some local color. When you're ready, set out on a journey of perilous river crossings, deadly forest encounters, and more!

Includes a double-sided blank battle grid for your own custom creations and dangerous delves. There's over 5000 square inches of map to explore in your unforgettable adventures! This set comes with four reversible 26" x 26" boards with 8 unique maps. Each map is customizable. Simply wipe them down with a cloth or towel.

These game boards are perfect for D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and popular RPG systems, and go well as a gift with beginner boxes.

If you want to drag and drop these locations into a short, straightforward adventure, consider using the included short campaign booklet with the story "The Necromancer's Tower." This story will give you a baseline of how to incorporate these boards into your ongoing campaigns as well as gibe you a short one-shot adventure/standalone session with full story hooks, mysteries, and conflicts! Players will encounter travelers and clues leading them to one conclusion - they should investigate the mysterious castle by the sea, belonging to the devilish and cruel Duke Prospero.

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