Set of 4 Circle-shaped Hands-free Playing Card Holders

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  • Set of 4 Circle-shaped Hands-free Playing Card Holders
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If you like to play games that involve numerous cards, but have trouble keeping them all organized, this set of circular-shaped playing card holders is the solution. Each card holder is a different color, which is helpful for games with multiple players. Each set contains a total of four holders, composed of the following colors: one blue, one yellow, one red and one green.

Made from high-quality plastic with a spring-loaded center, these playing card holders measure 3 inches in diameter and expand to comfortably hold even the thickest cards. Each holder can fit approximately 10-12 narrow or wide-size cards.

Perfect for assisting small children or those with arthritis, these playing card holders make it easier to organize your hand and speed up the game.

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