D&D/RPG Dice Sets

Nothing symbolizes the true role-playing fan than a shelf full of source books and a dice bag full of exotic and interesting dice for D&D and other roleplaying games (RPGs). Many gamers take pride in their D&D dice collection and will carefully curate dice with a range of colors, shapes, finishes, and textures. This isn't done out of necessity however. Most role-playing games could be played with a ratty old set of polyhedrals or a few standard 6-sided dice pulled from an old board game. But to a true gamer, RPG and D&D dice serve several functions:

  • They correspond with a particular character, setting, or game
    If you're playing a powerful sorcerer or a mighty warrior, you wouldn't want to roll just any old dice to determine their destiny. Many gamers use a different set of RPG dice for each character they play. Or sometimes they'll use different dice for each game or even for each game setting: One set of RPG dice for D&D and one set for Call of Cthulhu for example. Or one set for an Eberron campaign and one set for Forgotten Realms.
  • They add an exciting, tactile element to the game
    There are plenty of digital dice rollers, available online or as apps. But what's the fun in that? Tapping a screen is nothing compared to the feel of real RPG dice in your hand when you've got an important roll to make: Picking out just the right dice to use, the anticipation as you shake them, saying a small prayer to the dice gods, blowing on them for luck, maybe giving them a spin or tossing them a certain way as you release them onto the table or into a dice tower, the distinctive sound as they roll, the excitement as you watch them tumble and spin and finally come to rest to reveal the fantastic or terrible result.
    No, digital dice rollers can't compare with that.
  • They allow for a range of options
    Yes, dice roll randomly and with standard statistical probabilities, but gamers can be a superstitious lot. Many of them prefer to test their dice before each game, checking to see which ones are rolling "hot" and which ones should be relegated back to the dice bag for the evening. And some gamers like the option of choosing from multiple d20's before making a to-hit roll, going by instinct to determine the one that will likely give the best result. So having a dice bag full of a variety of dice makes this selection process more fun and more interesting.
  • They look cool
    This one's pretty self explanatory. Most RPG and D&D dice just look cool, and having a pile of shiny, colorful, gem-like dice on the table in front of you adds a lot to a game.