Precision Dice - Set of 5 New Violet 19mm d6s

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19mm (3/4 inch)
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  • Precision Dice - Set of 5 New Violet 19mm d6s
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What makes a single die "Casino Quality"? Casino dice must be manufactured with superlative care to exacting standards in order to meet stringent casino specifications. Every die must be truly random, which requires it to have razor-sharp edges and flush pips so each face has equal weight.

A typical casino die is a perfect 19mm cube with an error margin of up to .3mm. The error margin of our Grade AAA dice? .05mm. That's thinner than 1/3 the thickness of an eyelash. These dice look casino authentic, are manufactured using the authentic process, and with an authentic quality indistinguishable from the very same dice used on casino floors every day.

Our dice begin as high quality raw materials cut into cubes with razor-sharp edges. Each of the 21 pips are drilled to identical depths, and to ensure that all 6 sides maintain equal weight, the holes are then filled with a special white epoxy with the precise weight and density of the material that was removed during the drilling process. Pairs of opposite sides are then abraded and cut in sequence to ensure each side remains the same size. The dice are then given a glossy, polished finish before being professionally serialized to prevent tampering and preserve authenticity.

- Grade AAA: Our dice meet or exceed all exacting casino dice specifications for precision

- True Precision: Many 19mm casino dice are precise cube to .3mm; our Grade AAA dice are precise to .05mm, which is 1/3 the thickness of an eyelash

- Truly Random: Razor edges and flush pips drilled to identical depths ensure each of the six sides are weighted the same for truly random rolls

- Professionally serialized as a set of 5 to prevent tampering

- Wrapped in giftable golden foil

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