Pair (2) of Official 19mm Casino Dice Used at Bally's Casino

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  • Pair (2) of Official 19mm Casino Dice Used at Bally's Casino
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Every casino die is like a little piece of art. Jumbo-sized 19mm sides, flush pips for perfect balance, and sharp, razor edges for random rolls. A mechanically-machined masterpiece, manufactured to exacting, stringent specifications to suit the needs of casinos the world over. This particular pair of dice comes straight to you from the craps tables of Bally's Casinos. The 6 side of every die bears the casino's logo, the 2 side features a hot-stamped showgirl, and the words Real Live Las Vegas encircle the 1 pip. Between the pips of the 4 side is a gold, hot-stamped serial number which ensures authenticity and keeps players honest.

Rest assured, these aren't unused replicas, nor are they factory seconds. These are the genuine article. The proof, aside from the gentle wear and tear from seeing action on a thriving casino floor, is the subtle markings usually found on the 4 side of every die. To prevent tampering, casinos change out all dice every shift, and once a set of dice has seen its share of action, it is discreetly "cancelled" using a small mark that doesn't affect play, but does ensure these cancelled dice don't see casino play again. Bally's uses a small circle marking.

But that mark won't stop you from playing at home! So pick up a pair of these authentic casino dice and bring a little piece of Vegas to your next game night.

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