Pack of 25 Random D6 Polyhedral Dice in Multiple Colors

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Ah, the ubiquitous cube, the hexahedron, or the d6, as you may know it. An indispensable part of casinos, many board games, and calculating basic weapon damage. Or, if you play Shadowrun, well, an indispensable part of everything you do.

Included in this bulk pack are 25 six-sided polyhedrals with Arabic numerals. The assortment is randomized, and any of our 20 colors are fair game. You might see solids, translucents, even our specialty marbled and speckled varieties.

Most importantly: This pack should cover two high-level Shadowrun characters, but if you plan to make a Blind Orc Blademaster with over 40 parry dice, you may need to buy two.

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