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Pack of 100+ Random d10 (00) Dice in Multiple Colors

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16mm (2/3 inch)
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  • Assorted 10-sided percentile dice
  • BBGDIC-1005_5
  • BBGDIC-1005_2
  • BBGDIC-1005_3
  • BBGDIC-1005_4
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-Over 100 d00 tabletop gaming dice
-Huge variety of colors and opacities, including marbling and sparkling
-Thick, readable numerals and well-defined edges
-Brand-new, factory firsts
-Ideal for tabletop gaming, board games, and educators alike

Hardcore gamers, Dungeon Masters and dice collectors: look no further. Use this bag of over 100 random d00s to outfit your next group of new adventurers, or just add bulk to your ever-growing collection. But did you know? Polyhedrals are also great interactive tools for educators. Dice make teaching probabilities and percentiles a snap, and the fact that they're tactile and colorful is a great bonus.

In this bag you'll find standard tabletop d10 percentile dice, in a variety of colors and opacities. Some marbled, some sparkled, all sharp looking with well-defined edges for complete rolls. All dice are brand-new factory firsts, which means that every die you receive has passed a first round of quality control. No odd shapes and color curiosities here.

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