Meeples of Might

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  • Meeples of Might
  • Meeples of Might
  • Meeples of Might
  • Meeples of Might
  • Meeples of Might
each $11.98


Little Heroes. Big Adventure.

Bring a little character to your tabletop RPG with 30 unique wooden meeples, featuring barbarians, rangers, warriors, mages, and more, and including a variety of bold and brutish character alignments. Each features a unique look to add personality to every character, whether a lowly barkeep, a mighty heroic fighter, or a vicious rival NPC.

As a dungeon master, use these 30 unique meeples to fill your world with characters big and small. Whether heroes on a dire quest, patrons of your favorite tavern, or even humanoid nemeses and villains.

As a tabletop gamer, upgrade your favorite games by replacing pawns, meeples, movers, minis, and miscellaneous game pieces with the heroic Meeples of Might!

These figures measure approximately 16 mm and include a magnetic carrying case for easy transportation.


Knight x 3
Barbarian x 3
Rogue x 3
Bard x 3
Ranger x 3
Mage x 3
King x 3
Quest Giver x 3
Merchant x 3
Blacksmith x 3

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