Luck of the Lich Bullseye Bone Dice

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Dice Size:
12mm (1/2 inch)
Dice Shape:
Dice Color:
Dice Style:
Solid-Color Opaque
  • Luck of the Lich Bullseye Bone Dice
  • Luck of the Lich Bullseye Bone Dice
  • Luck of the Lich Bullseye Bone Dice
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Lovely Bones

Play on the dark side with the Luck of the Lich 5 pack of premium six-sided bone dice! Intricately carved from authentic camel bones, you'll be able to enjoy your own set for tabletop board games, RPGs, roleplaying, or classic family gaming with a bit of flair. Display your bone dice with the other jewels of your game cabinet, or add a dash of supernatural or historical Viking, Cowboy, or Pirate flair to old favorites like Farkle, Liar's Dice, Backgammon, and more.

Why You'll Love It

These gorgeous dice are hand carved to approximately 12mm across (0.5"), yet each die is unique due to its one of a kind imperfections. They feel terrific, light, and roll beautifully on any gaming surface. Runic, "bullseye"-style pips are indented in the surface of each face for a smooth, satisfying texture. Each set is accompanied by a drawstring pouch for easy carry or display.

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