Life Counters for Trading Card Games - 2-pack

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The Simple Solution for Tracking Life Totals

There's a ton of sundry solutions for tracking trading card game life total: metal statues, standing drums, spindown dice, even a battle abacus. But we think you're gonna like this one. Spin the dials, count from 99 to 0 on his-visibility 1/4" numerals, and fit your life counter right in your deck box. Even better, this is a 2-pack, so share one with your opponent (or track them yourself to keep 'em honest).

Why You'll Love It:

Tracking life totals has never been simpler. Each counter is the size of a poker card: 3.5" by 2.5", and fits in standard deck boxes. They're also made from deck box plastic, so you know they're hardy and long-lasting. Despite the small footprint, we've maximized the size of our numerals at a quarter inch for easy reading.

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