Large Chrome Bell with Black Base

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  • Large Chrome Bell with Black Base
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  • BBOBLL-003_2
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Our take on a classic. This is the service bell, the one you see in restaurants, on hotel counters, reception desks, at the check-out in general stores. Durable carbon steel construction ensures a loud, clear tone that lasts, and the brilliant chrome finish ensures the shine lasts, too. Tough and loud enough to withstand high-energy use.

Measures 10cm across at the base.

We have service bells available in diameters of small (6cm), medium (8.5cm), or large (10cm). If you're squeezed for space, or looking to for a bell for board games or small-group party games, choose the quieter 6cm. If you're in need of a loud bell, but with a more relaxed, dulcet tone, choose the largest bell. But if you need to be heard from a room away, over the sounds of chatting guests or other noise, choose the medium bell which is the loudest bell.

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