Inflatable Casino Dice - 5-pack

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  • Inflatable Casino Dice - 5-pack
  • Inflatable Casino Dice - 5-pack
  • Inflatable Casino Dice - 5-pack


Snake Eyes!

Just kidding, there's no snakes here. Just good old fashioned casino dice, decked out in classic red casino color. Except these ones are THIRTEEN INCHES per side. If you consider that FIVE dice come in this value pack, that's 10,985 cubic inches of dice. Most of that is air, but even so. Math can be fun. Really opens your mind to the possibilities of the universe.

Jokes aside, these large inflatable dice are great for playing classic Yahtzee, Farkle, Liar's Dice, Monopoly, you get the picture. Fun for kids, parents, students, and people who just love rolling large dice. We don't judge here. They even make great teaching aids for early learning, counting games, and childhood learning. Kids love learning through play!

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