Hnefatafl: Viking Chess

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Fight for your King!

The Viking lords have sounded the drums of war. The king prepares his defenses while the enemy flanks him on all sides. When the unyielding blade meets the unbreakable shield, who shall prevail? In the ancient game of Hnefatafl, you will find the answer and perhaps lead your army to victory.

Hnefatafl is one of the oldest games in history, nearly contemporary with the invention of chess. It is a game of strategy and cunning, in which two players pursue distinct goals: the defenders attempt to escort their king off the battlefield, while the attackers seek to capture the king!

Hnefatafl includes a fully illustrated 10.5" x 10.5" game board, a flocked box insert that snugly holds all 37 pieces, a 2.5" oversize King piece, twelve 1.5" defender pieces, and twenty-four 2" attacker pieces. Whether raiding coastal villages or enjoying a family vacation, Hnefatafl packs flat in the box for a travel friendly experience.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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