Handmade Walnut 7-piece Dice Set with Copper Inlay

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  • Wooden dice - Walnut 7-piece dice set
  • Wooden dice - Walnut 7-piece dice set


Each die in this amazing set of seven polyhedral dice is created from sustainably-sourced USA black walnut, cut with a box joint configuration and assembled by hand. Copper leaf is used as an inlay. They are then hand sanded to a smooth finish, and sealed with a few coats of all natural linseed oil to protect the wood grain. Each die is checked for quality, measured, and balanced before shipping. These are game ready!

These dice are incredibly stable, and can withstand impact. In other words, you can throw these in your dice bag with the rest of them and not have to worry!

This set would be especially well-suited for anyone roleplaying an Elf, druid, ranger, elemental wizard, or other character with a nature-based theme. These sturdy and well-crafted dice will guarantee you a set that will last you for years and years, adventure after adventure.

Dice in this set range in size from approximately 1 to 2 inches and include:

1 4-sided die (1.1 inches tall)
1 6-sided die (0.9 inches tall)
1 8-sided die (1.3 inches tall)
1 10-sided die (1.5 inches tall)
1 10-sided percentile die (1.5 inches tall)
1 12-sided die (1.8 inches tall)
1 20-sided die (2.1 inches tall)


Note: This is a hand-made item. Additional time of up to two weeks may be required for processing and shipping.

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