Handmade Cherry d20 with 18k Gold Inlay

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The D20 is an essential component in many gamer's lifestyles. It's beauty in simplicity is highlighted by these wooden & metal designs. Makes a perfect life-counter for MTG, and a stylish way to roll in D&D!

Each piece of the die is crafted from cherry wood and laser cut with an original 3D box joint pattern, checked for quality, then hand assembled using industrial strength CA adhesive. 18k gold leaf is used as an inlay. They are then hand sanded to a smooth texture and sealed with multiple coats of all-natural linseed oil, which leaves a weather and scratch-resistant matte finish. Each die is measured and balanced for an evenly random roll!

The D20 has a naturally stable geometry, making these incredibly durable and 100% game ready.

Measures approximately 50mm (2-inches) in size.

Note: This is a hand-made item. Additional time of up to two weeks may be required for processing and shipping.

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