D&D Dice - Sets and Individual Dice

Here you'll find Dungeons & Dragons dice in both 7-piece sets as well as individual polyhedral dice. The standard D&D dice sets contain a 4-sided dice (d4), a 6-sided dice (d6), an 8-sided dice (d8), a 10-sided dice (d10), a percentile dice (d%), a 12-sided dice (d12), and a 20-sided dice (d20). These polyhedral dice have been an essential part of the D&D experience since the very first edition appeared in 1974 and the use of these "weird" dice has been a part of the appeal of the game ever since.

The D&D dice you use can represent the character you've chosen to play, they can symbolize the setting of the game, or they can make a statement about you personally, so it's important to find dice with the right look and "feel" that you'll be happy gaming with for months or years to come.

You may also want to consider picking up a different set of D&D dice for each character that you play. Perhaps a set of deep purple dice for a wizard, some gold-colored dice for a cleric, steel gray dice for a fighter, or dark but shimmering dice for a thief. These dice can become your character's signature dice, traveling with them on their adventures and determining their ultimate fate.

Alternatively, some players choose to use a different set of dice for each campaign, or for each rules system. But many players simply keep all their D&D dice in a single bag, adding new dice sets or individual dice occasionally, and selecting the dice for each play session based on their mood or on which dice feel lucky that day.