Dice and Tabletop Game Resources

Gaming Resources

BoardGameGeek - The ultimate resource for tabletop gaming information

GAMA - The Game Manufacturers Association

Nearby Gamers - Find people near you to play games with!

Boardgame Players Association - World boardgaming championships

HobbyLark - All kinds of information on games and hobbies

Geek and Sundry - Gaming videos, podcasts, blogs and more

Game News

Purple Pawn - Covers the spectrum of tabletop gaming

Tabletop Gaming News - Gaming material and articles from a selection of the many wargaming and painting blogs

Cool Blogs

Unboxed - The Board Game Blog

The Board Game Family

Dice Hate Me

Game Conventions

Origins Game Fair - Large yearly gaming convention held in Columbus, Ohio

Game Publishers

AEG - Love Letter, Smash Up, etc.

IELLO - King of Tokyo, King of New York, Tokaido, Steam Park, etc.

Plaid Hat Games - Summoner Wars, etc.

Rio Grande Games - Race for the Galaxy, Coloretto, Carcassonne, etc.

Steve Jackson Games - Zombie Dice, Munchkin, etc.

Stronghold Games - Space Cadets, Survive, etc.