Crazy Eights Illustrated Card Game

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  • Crazy Eights Illustrated Card Game
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Matching games are a time-tested and reliable tool for teaching children countless core concepts. Instantly turn playtime into a teaching moment, because children just learn better when at play! And today's lesson? Crazy Eights!

Crazy Eights' vibrant, storybook-inspired art features delicious foods in quantities that match their number value, and is a great way to teach children numbers and counting. Learning the rules encourages turn taking and collaborative play, while creating matches using suits and numbers encourages pattern development, and deciding when to play and when to hold your crazy eights develops strategy and critical thinking.

Included in every box of Crazy Eights are 46 wide, plastic-coated playing cards, printed on high-quality German card stock and finished with a premium linen texture. Not only do plastic-coated cards last longer than standard cards, but they wipe clean in the event of sticky fingers and minor messes. These cards are made for learning, and made to last!

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